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It's Bath-time Ginger....

With the cold weather still around and our days being spent indoors, the possibility of catching a cold or flu is greatly increased. Now I have spoken briefly before about our use of food grade hydrogen in our daily water intake but did you know that you can also use the pharmacy 3% hydrogen in your bath? We have been occasionally having these "Detox" Baths for months now...using a mixture of hydrogen and Epsom salts in a HOT HOT bath but last night I decided to try a new option I found saw pinned from Beauty Bets that is suppose to be not only cleansing but healing as well.

Ginger H2O2 Bath

1 Hot as you can stand it bath
16oz of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
7 Tablespoons Powdered Ginger
Jug of water to drink while sitting in your bath.

Start by running a HOT HOT bath...pour in your Hydrogen Peroxide, sprinkle and mix in your powdered Ginger. With everything combined and the water looking nice and yellow...time to add yourself to the mix.

Once in the bath I recommend wetting a face cloth with cold water and laying it on your forehead to keep it at a manageable temperature...Drink LOTS of water as the heat depletes the body. Stay in this bath for no more than 30 minutes after which you will need to rinse off in a cool shower for a minimum of 5 minutes to help return your body to its normal temperature.

Some people will try to discount this saying it is not safe, it is not healing, it is not going to do what I am telling you it will... and to this I say DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I did months and months of research...on the Internet, on the phone and in person with people who have tried it; before I ever considered incorporating it into our daily lives. What I can tell you is that we are healthier than we were before. We sleep better, we have more energy and winter colds and flu don't seem to take us down for as long as it does those around us, if we even get sick at all.

What I have also noticed since we have been drinking the Food Grade H2O2 is that my crohn's has been way more under control than it has ever been since I was diagnosed 17 year ago. I wish I knew about this miracle product sooner as I may have it under control 100% by now.

It is worth looking into...I was the biggest skeptic of them all and I am so glad I didn't discount it. I would hope that by reading this today you will be intrigued enough to dig deeper for not only yourself but your family and your friends. We all deserve to live long, healthy lives...this is just one way to do just that.

What are some other ways you practice that are natural steps to healing and health?

Now Go Be Brave...and go against the flow, do your own research and create wellness in your home and outer-circles with natural home remedies today.

Disclaimer: I am a not doctor, nor do I claim to be. This recipe is not intended to serve as a diagnosis or prescription. If you are pregnant or have any concerns about safety, please consult your physician first.


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