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Omelet Monday

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day...well I must say that I am very happy to hear that as it is also my FAVORITE meal of the day. The thing I like best about breakfast...well one of the things that I like best is the fact that breakfast can be eaten at any time of the day and still taste good. We usually have breakfast for dinner and or lunch when we are craving something sweet, and easy to make. Growing up our bedtime snack usually consisted of a bowl of cereal...even to this day I will grab one before getting into bed.

Today's omelet recipe has been used for breakfast, lunch and dinner here in our house..until I mastered the making of an omelet, which took me quite some time, I use to create what I would call an outside omelet...all the toppings of an omelet but on top of scrambled eggs. After much practice I am proud to say that I can successfully create a delicious, intact omelet.

Omelet Recipe:

Grated Cheese
Green Onions
Rubber Spatula
Small Frying Pan
Small Bowl 

Start your omelette's with the chopping of your mushrooms and  green onions...followed by the dicing of your tomatoes and finally the grating of your cheese.

With everything chopped, diced and grated you can now begin to heat your fry pan to a medium heat.

Crack 1 egg into your small bowl,

eyeball in roughly 3 tablespoons of milk and whisk with your fork.

Melt a small amount of butter onto your HOT frying pan...if it bubbles you know your pan is hot enough and  you can pour in your egg and milk mixture. At this point I move the pan in a circular motion, just slightly enough to evenly spread the egg mix all over the bottom of the pan. The trick to omelet making for me is to use a rubber spatula and every so often as the egg cooks run it round the entire outside of the flattened egg pie, lifting a little as you go. This will help to ensure a nice even cooking and an omelet that doesn't stick on one side when you go to flip it closed later on.

Once you are satisfied that the edges are not sticking you can go ahead and cover the omelet with a lid or a cookie sheet...

The heat trapped inside will help the top half of the omelet to cook faster so that you are not burning the underside in the process.

Once the top portion is looking cooked enough you can begin to add your toppings on one half of the omelet starting with the cheese and working your way up from there through your ingredients of choice.

Carefully using your rubber spatula begin to lift up the empty half of the omelet and flip it over the covered half. Allow the omelet to sit in the pan for 45 seconds more, giving the cheese and fillings time to melt and incorporate their flavours throughout.


Now Go Be Brave...and try your hand at omelet making today...feel free to spice it up as well with a dash of Salsa on top...DELICIOUS!

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