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Science Time - Fun With Bubbles!

Have your kids ever wanted to just hold onto a bubble? Do they get upset when they pop on their hand?  I know I have seen that more than once in my time. Today's Science Trick will not actually allow you to hold a bubble but it will allow you to bounce one more than once on your hand before it POPS!

For today's Sick Science Trick you will need the following:

Clean Cotton Gloves
1/3 Cup Blue Dawn Dish Soap
2/3 Cup Tap Water
1/2 TBSP Glycerin
Bubble Wand

With your solution mixed have your little one hold out their hand and try and catch the bubble on it. What happens? Most likely it popped...now you can take it a step further and add some soap to their hand and have them catch a bubble again. What happened this time? This time it should have landed on their hand and suctioned itself there, lasting a few seconds longer than it did without the soap covering.

The reason the bubble immediately POPPED in the first situation is because a bubbles worst enemies are dirt and oil. As soon as it touched your little ones hand the oil on their skin cut through the surface of the bubble, causing it to POP.

The second time around when you placed soap on their hand and saw the bubble land for a short time was because soap was meeting soap in the form of a bubble and the oils and dirt's were unable to break through immediately but instead took a few seconds longer.

Now have your little one put on the clean cotton glove and try to catch a bubble...what happens? Like, magic...with no oils or dirt to break up the surface of the bubble you are able to see a bubble bounce off the surface of your gloved hand more than once.

I will tell you this that it is not easy to get the bubble to cooperate. I think for future bubble experiments we will be investing in a bubble wand as seen in the YouTube link I posted above. A wand like that would definitely make things go smoother. In the end to catch the bubble bouncing on film I had to get JrBear to film while I worked the bubble. Have a look below at our multiple attempts before having success.

All in the name of Science!

Now Go Be Brave...and have fun with Bubble Science Today!


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