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Who Needs a Custom Gift Box or Envelope?

With Valentine's Day approaching at breakneck speed I thought this website I found a few months ago via How About Orange would come in very helpful for everyone.

PDF Box Template from Ideogram

The program works very simply...enter in your choice of gift box, card box or envelope, type in your dimensions and click CREATE!

Ideogram will then create a PDF of your choice.

You download it and print it out on your designer paper or card-stock.

There you have it...a quick, simple, ready made box or envelope in just the size you need for giving away those Valentine Sweets on February 14th.

Although I have not tried it out myself at this point, I have been told that the PDF is also editable in Illustrator or Photoshop.

Now Go Be Brave...and make yourself a BOX or ENVELOPE today!

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