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Save a Sweater Today!

If you are anything like me; you don't have enough drawer space to store all those warm winter sweaters. If you are one of these people; then you have probably come across the problem of sweaters stretching and and getting weird little shoulder bulges where the hanger digs in as their weight pulls them down.

Notice how the hangar is pushing out the fabric on the shoulder point?

Well, I have finally found the solution to that issue...I am sure that some of you have seen this already...and are already implementing it in your own homes but for those of you that haven't be prepared to be amazed...


Perfect for all those heavy items that you don't ruined by stretch and so simple I am left wondering why I hadn't thought of it before. Before we begin I must ask that you please ignore the dryer lint located all over this black sweater...I promise I will take care of that straight away.

Step 1... Fold your sweater in half and lay it flat:

Step 2... Place your hangar upside down in the armpit area:

Step 3... Lay the arms of the sweater back over the top of the hangar:

Step 4... Now lay the body part of the sweater over the other side of the hanger:


Now you  no longer need to worry about ruining all your beautiful sweaters anymore...make sure to share this tip with all your friends.

Now Go Be Brave...and save a sweater today!


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