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Tie Dye Hearts

We decided to give another Pinterest Valentines Day craft as seen on Meaningful Mama a try...

Tie Dye Hearts!

The only things needed for this craft are:

Coffee Filters
Water Dropper
Bowl of water
Plastic Lid
Paper Towel

Start your craft by folding it in half and drawing a heart shape on it or wear it on your face.

This way your little one can cut out their own heart. If your little one is too small for sharp scissors feel free to just freehand a cut heart for them. 

Place your cut heart on the table and begin to draw wild patterns all over it.

At this point you will need to put your colored heart on a plastic lid 

and taking your bowl of water begin to drop water all over it.

Make sure to get the entire heart wet before stopping.

Once it is completely wet you can carefully lift it off your plastic lid and place it on a paper towel to dry.

Ta Da! Beautiful Tie Dyed Paper Hearts to decorate your walls, windows and fridge with for Valentines Day. You can even punch some holes in the top of each heart with a whole punch and then string them up with ribbon or yarn to hang as a heart garland for your doorways.

Now Go Be Brave...and decorate your house for Valentines today!


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