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Valentines Spin Art

Yesterday we had so much...I am not sure why I didn't think of this myself sooner but whoever came up with this idea originally is a genius when it comes to fun art.

For today's project you will need the following...

Salad spinner
Paper (cut into hearts if you like)
Tempura paint (the squeeze bottle kind is perfect for this)
Golf Ball

Start by placing your paper of choice into your salad spinner in the middle...

Have your little one squirt paint droplets, lines or gobs of paint all over the paper...

Put your golf ball in....we actually experimented with marbles, bouncy balls and a ping pong ball but I found the golf balls weight helped it to move around inside while spinning, creating the best patterns of all.

Close the lid and SPIN, SPIN, SPIN...

BabyBear tried her hand at spinning this herself...

TA DA!!! Incredible Spin Art....

Creates a different picture every time.

Feel free to just add paper and paint...this created a nice splatter affect when spun out.

Now Go Be Brave...and spin your way into some beautiful Valentines Cards. 

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