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Valentine's Week Kick Off...Love Bath!

As promised with Valentine's approaching we are starting the week off with a V-Day Count Down...

Day 1...The Love Bath

Start with a bath filled with warm water.

To that add in your food color of choice...we went with Purple as that is Baby Bear's favorite one.

Next we sprinkled in some sparkles...Red for Love.

Finally it was time for the show of hearts...we used some sticker hearts this time around because that is all I had on hand. It would be best to purchase some foam hearts from your local Dollar store for bath time usage, which we plan on grabbing when we are out this coming week.

Last but certainly not least ...Shaving Cream paint...easily mixed by squirting the cream in to a bowl and topping with your food colour of choice... paint brush and you are set for some exciting, love bath creation.

If you have it on hand you can feel free to add in some scent to the bath. I plan to grab some for BabyBears next LOVE bath as it will only enhance the experience.

If like me you are concerned about staining in the bath ... only allow a 20 minute soak before rinsing out the tub. We turned rinse time into fun by filling a squirt bottle up with fresh, clean water and took turns squirting the shaving cream off the walls and tub sides.

When we drained the tub there was no staining from the food colour on the bath, walls or BabyBear. I cannot speak for all tubs so please do this at your own risk.

If you are not comfortable with your little one sitting in a tub of food colouring there is another option...

Love Sink ...you can follow all the same steps above but have your little Bear stand on a stool at the sink where they can fill containers with hearts and water...dump them out...add some soap and make it a game to find the hearts in the soapy sink. This way they still have the Valentine fun with out the possibility of turning a new shade of red or pink.

Now Go Be Brave...and soak in a LOVE filled tub today!


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