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Pajama Sam...antha

Meet Pajama Samantha...

Her Brother is Pajama Sam....

They are the cutest little cuddle monsters that will keep your little one company while they sleep and then monitor the bed during the day. They are both extremely easy to please just feed them pajama's every morning and give them cuddles every night.

If you would like to make one of your own please head on over to Sew Fearless for the pattern. When making them I found the feet to be the most difficult but I seem to have a working technique going that I will gladly share if needed.

 If you decide to go ahead and make your own but have questions along the way, please feel free to message me. Please leave links to your pictures of your finished product down below as I would love to see your rendition.

If you would like one for a little one in your life but do not want to attempt making it on your own please feel free to contact me as well. I am making them for sale and will be posting some options in my shop in the very near future. They come in an array of colours for boys and girls and can be customized with different accents. Also included with a purchased Sam or Samantha comes my own personalized poem that I wrote to introduce Sam to his or her new owners.


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