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Tacos In Your Pocket

Yesterday was a day that I wanted to cook something other than chicken...BUT having forgotten to take the beef out of the refrigerator in time I was stuck at 5pm with nothing on the menu. Knowing that I had frozen beef meant that I would have to cook something along the lines of Mexican. Normally that would not be a big deal but having a teenager that really doesn't like very many Mexican dishes I was stuck for ideas...Then all of a sudden the light went on...

Pocket Tacos...

haven't heard of those before? Well that is because I made them up just last night for the first time. They consisted of my rendition of Jamie Oliver's  Rough Puff Pastry recipe and the makings of a burrito or taco, minus the burrito re-fried beans; due to my Crohn's not being a fan of those...although they would make a nice added touch if you can eat them. Would you like to make some of your own?

Read on...

Pocket Tacos require the following:

1 Batch of Rough Puff Pastry (Made 24 little pockets)
Ground Beef mixed with your favorite Taco Seasoning
Green Onion
Grated Cheese
Sour Cream

With your Puff Pastry all made and ready to go...roll it out flat and cut yourself 24 - 4 x 2.5 rectangular shapes. You could also use a circle cutter but I did not have one that was big enough for stuffing...so I leave the shape decision up to you.

Once you have all your shapes cut out it is time to lay down a layer of beef on one half of the dough...

Add to that a layer of Tomatoes, Green Onions and Grated Cheese...

You cannot have your layers too big otherwise you will not be able to close up the pockets. The idea is to have small appetizer pieces when all is said and done.  

Now it is time to fold over the open half of the dough and seal your pocket of food inside. One set of pockets I sealed by pressing down the edges with a fork...and the others I sealed by merely pressing the dough together all the way around with my forefinger and thumb...I am happy to report that both methods kept the food sealed inside while baking and eating...so feel free to go with either style.

Bake your little pockets on a parchment covered cookie sheet, in a 350ยบ oven for 15- 20 minutes...you are looking for the dough to just reach that golden brown stage and then you know they are done.


Delicious little pockets of heaven...and all because I forgot to take them meat out of the freezer earlier in the day.

 Sometimes life's mistakes bring about new growth...thank goodness for that :D You could also make these with ground pork, chicken or just cheese and vegies...all would be delicious options that I plan on trying in the very near future.

Now Go Be Brave... and make some Taco Pockets today!


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