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Down For The Count...and Needing Your Tips Tuesday!

Wow these past few days have been nose blowing, headache, chilling, sore throat rasping, hacking and coughing filled...my apologies for not being on top of things like I needed to be. Just being awake was all that I could manage for the most part...this cold has not been fun and I am hoping that this is the last one of the winter for our Bear family. We have however found what could be a contributing factor to all our more recent ...and more often illnesses...MOLD, MILDEW and DAMPNESS. Yes in our little rental home we have found this in a couple of the bedrooms at the base of the walls. We are hoping that once the renovations are all complete that we will improve in health overall ...fingers crossed...

Have you ever dealt with something like that? If so did you find yourself getting sick all the time, feeling run down most days, headaches, dizziness, sore throats ...things of that nature? Were there things that you tried and used to help in the clean up on the problem with your home and your health? If so please, please let us know...I will tell you what we already do so that you can check those off your list...

We drink Xango ...it is an all natural fruit juice that is made from the WHOLE mangosteen fruit...delicious and helps with our ailments for sure. We have been off it for a couple of months due to financial reasons but we are back on the wagon because without it we notice a definite difference in our health.

We also drink Hydrogen Water ....again great for health issues and without this I think we would have been a lot sicker for a lot longer this past winter.

We eat baked garlic on a regular basis...especially when we are sick. Who wouldn't want to eat garlic especially like that?!

We all take multi vitamins...vitamin C...more if we are ill.

We buy our honey from the local beekeeper...and use that in our hot tea, eat it by the spoonful to help with sore throats as well add in bee pollen where we can or like BabyBear and I do eat it by the spoonful.

We also bathe in Hydrogen and Ginger with Epsom salts for relaxation and health benefits.

Anything more that we can try to keep ourselves healthier to and build up our systems after this horrible exposure that you can suggest would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing back from you on this topic in great detail.

Well I am off to rest up some more today so that we can tackle the remaining part of our week with force.

See you all again tomorrow...


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