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In Like a Lamb ... Or Loopy Sheep !

The month of April is always so full of rain around here it is ridiculous. I suppose that is what we get for living in a Canadian rain forest. The trade off is that nature around here is beautiful year round so I guess I should not be complaining. Despite all the rain I really do love living in this Western part of Canada and can't see myself living anywhere else.

At this time of year the saying around here during this rainy then windy weather is; "In Like a Lamb and Out Like a Lion" ...so the other day BabyBear and I decided to create our own little lamb to commemorate that quote. We thought it was so cute and wanted to share with you how to make your own. In fact this style of animal creation can be used to create an assortment of animals...why not make a whole farm?

Ready to make your own?

You will need the following items:

Card stock or Construction paper cut into 2.5 inch strips
Card stock and Construction Paper Cut into 2 Ear Shapes
Cotton Balls
Black Marker

Start by laying your strip of paper flat in front of you.

On one end just up from the edge draw in your facial features.

Now on the remaining clear part of the strip you will need to lay down a thick layer of glue stick glue.

Top the glue off with cotton balls that have been pulled apart and thinned out. Coat until covered.

Flip over the covered strip and attach your ears with a dab of glue under each one on either side of the face.

With all your wool in place, a face and some ears it is now time gently roll your strip until the ends are touching roughly about a 1/2 inch in on either side. Basically making a loop like you would for paper chains.

In order to get the sheep to stand up we decided to take another strip of paper, draw 4 feet on it and again turn it in to a paper chain loop.

This paper chain loop then gets laid down on its side so that your sheep loop can stand on top of it looking cute....

As I said before I think this same style would work for making all sorts of animals...and aren't they just the cutest thing ??

Now Go Be Brave...and make a Loopy Sheep today!

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