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Taking a Break?

Unfortunately, more recently I have not been sure how I feel about this blog. When I started it 9 months ago I was excited despite not having very much of an outside connection. Then it seemed to pick up in the way of connecting with others but now I feel like it is in a slump again...a slump that I am not sure how to get out of.

I am reaching out to others in my writing with questions and inquiries, I know that people are coming here to read regularly but it becomes difficult to really connect and know what readers want when I don't hear any feedback on my posts. Is it because I am not connecting enough with others, is it because my content has become too predictable or is it that people just plain don't want to hear about what I am saying? I am not sure so I think until I figure it out I am going to cut my work down to 3 days a week...try some new writing techniques, some new content directions and make more of an effort to get out there and connect myself with others in the blogging sphere of the internet. See if any of those things work.

Don't worry I am not going away just going to try and revamp...and come back stronger than ever. If you have any input for me, please by all means post it below as it will be greatly appreciated.
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