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Fighting The War On Gum

Wow! Have I been an awful blogger as of late...so sporadic in my posts that I feel I must apologize to you and give you some background on why it has been this way. For starters I started a new job and the time it took each day to find one was very all consuming. The stress that came with that just seemed to take away all energy I had to create and share. Add to that we have been sick, sick, sick over this past month and any energy I had left went out the window fighting illness and making sure the others in my family were getting better. For this lapse in posts I apologize to you. I really do love coming here and sharing a part of our lives with you...I love the fact that you come back over and over to read up, catch up and perhaps even learn something new every week. With my new job in place (which by the way is so much fun...selling baked goods at local farmer's markets and festivals on Saturdays and Sundays), our health in a better place I feel that I can come back and share with you again.

Today I wanted to start the week out with a BANG!

If you have been fortunate enough to never have this happen to you then please count your lucky stars but for those of us that have ever opened your dryer to this site;

I can hear your screams from here and most definitely feel your pain. Fear the wrath of melted gum NO MORE. I have figured out the QUICKEST, EASIEST way to get it out of your dryer and have it back to sparkling new in no time at all. The best part is you will only need these 2 items to fight your war on gum...

Dryer sheets
Mix of 50/50 Water and Vinegar

Start by closing your dryer back up and let it run on a normal cycle for roughly 5 minutes. No this will not make your problem worse. What it does is help to soften the gum, which in turn will make it easier to wipe off. While that is heating up, you can mix in a spray bottle your combination of water and vinegar. I never measure this, eyeballing it will do just fine.

Once the dryer has heated up the gum, open the door and spray one section with the 50/50 mix. Allow this to sit for 2 minutes and soak in to the gum. Then taking a fresh dryer sheet begin to rub and wipe the gum off...and like magic it disappears. Repeat this cycle over and over until you have it all cleaned out. In the end, after only a few minutes your dryer will be as good as new and looking like this again...

No longer do you have to panic when you open a dryer to someone having left gum in their pocket, although in this house we are not naming any names "PapaBear"...if this happens to you, do what I did set up the culprit with these tools and stand back to watch the magic happen.

Now Go Be Brave....and tackle something difficult today!


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