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Flib Flab FLUBBER!!!

Although we would all love to have some Flubber like this....

Without the help of  "TV Tricks" as BabyBear calls them; I am sorry to say we will have to settle for the next best thing...Found on Live.Craft.Eat via my online love Pinterest ....

Homemade Flubber:

3/4 Cup Cold Water
1 Cup Liquid White Glue
Liquid Food Colouring
1/2 Cup Hot Tap Water (Not Boiled)
1 Teaspoon Borax (Found in the Laundry Isle ...and NOT BORIC ACID - they are not the same thing)

In a bowl mix together your cold water and glue.

To that add in your food coloring and mix well.

In a separate bowl combine your hot water and borax, stirring until the borax has completely dissolved.

Slowly pour your borax mixture into the glue mixture and combine well. You will find that there is some extra water leftover ...just remove your flubber and pour out the excess water.

Become a kid again, squish, squeeze, drip, drop...

and of course you can't forget the TOOT!

Now Go Be Brave...and make yourself some Flubber while watching Robin Williams in Flubber!

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