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Hair Tip Tuesday!

One thing that I cannot stand is walking into a bathroom that is covered in hair...whether it be on the floor, in the sink or in the shower; it grosses me out. For this reason I am forever wiping down the floor and clearing out the sink whenever I have been using it. Having mid-back length hair means that I shed constantly when I am working with it in the bathroom. I have been using a square of toilet paper to gather it all up until the light bulb went on just this morning...

Used Dryer sheets...DUH!

Not sure why it took so long to figure this one out since I have been using dryer sheets on a swiffer mop for years...well until I received my beloved Norwex mop that is.

So that is my tip for you today...simple and good for the environment... I must warn you the next few pictures may cause cringing and gagging if you are anything like me...be warned!

Nasty Picture of my Floor after doing my Hair...EEWW!

Wow...I am just full of nasty pictures today...My Apologies!

Reuse Dryer Sheets to Clear the hair out of bathtubs, Bathroom Floor and sinks....Oh Ya!

Just pull them from your dryer laundry pile, place them in a basket or plastic bag, keep them under your bathroom sink for easy access next time you need to clean.

Now Go Be Brave...and reuse a dryer sheet today.


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