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Moldable Sand Dough

With an almost Kindergartener in the house we try to keep an array of imagination filled activities on hand. BabyBear not only enjoys the playtime part of these activities but also taking part in the creating part of them. This is the reason why I LOVE the blog Growing a Jeweled Rose. I highly recommend you visit this site...you will find MORE than an array of fun filled kids activities to keep your kids busy for months. Not just busy but always learning and using their creative gene to the max. Sometimes I think I have just as much fun if not more doing this type of play with BabyBear.

Today's kid friendly play project only requires three for sure ingredients with one optional ingredient ...

Moldable Sand Dough (Adapted from Growing a Jeweled Rose)

Baking Soda
Food Colouring
Salt (optional)

Pour your Baking Soda in to a large container.

Add in your 12 drops of food colouring.

To this add in your water...VERY SLOWLY...stirring as you go.

Finally sprinkle in some salt. I found that in order to create this...

We used 1 container of Baking Soda and roughly 1/4 cup of water with 12 drops of food colouring mixed in and salt added to feel. I think that I will make a larger batch at some point but for now this was enough to get started.

We tossed in some mini dinosaurs, some plastic bugs and a few aquarium decorative plants and BabyBear was off on a prehistoric adventure.

In order to store this for future play, place the dough into a zip loc bag that has been sealed tight with air sucked out of it. Then pour in to an empty container when you are ready to play with it again.

Once you are finding that your dough has seen better days...do not throw it out as there are 2 more projects you can create with this that will keep the imaginations flowing. Check back very soon for those posts, where I will show you how to create dinosaur eggs and little treasure balls.

For Now...

Go Be Brave.... and create your prehistoric adventure today!


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