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Matter, Matter Everywhere

As most of you know we are a homeschooling family. Being a child of homeschooling myself; when the ability to do so presented itself to me just over 6 years ago I jumped at it. Since then we have had many adventures. Some days are tougher than other but most of the days are filled with the passion, fun and excitement that you will see in the video that I am going to share with you today.

My youngest one aka SmyleyBear in our family is in grade 2. I find that she learns best; as I do, by doing the activity rather than just being shown or reading about it. We always try to find fun ways to get the information needed across. The other day was no exception. We have been learning about ...

Matter - concepts like:

What is matter? 
How can we find out?
What can we do with it?
If we cut it up or break it is it still matter?
What are the groups of matter called?

Over the past couple of weeks we have done a few different experiments and deep digging to find out the answers to those questions.

For learning about what solids are like we broke up a  chocolate bar to determine that even though the shape had changed was it still matter? Of course the best part was the eating of the chocolate when we were done.

We used a magnifying glass to look at items we chose up close and learn about solids. We talked about how solids can change shape as in the chocolate bar that we broke or rocks becoming smooth from the constant movement of waves in the water.

But yesterday was the most fun we have had learning about this topic yet. We were learning about the liquid state of matter - talking about how liquids; like water are able to change and take the shape of whatever it is being poured into.

We studied a few different glasses of liquid that were very similar but had some minor differences if you looked closely enough. It was a great opportunity to teach that just because something looks safe does not make it safe. I reminded SmyleyBear that she should always ask before eating or drinking items that she is not 100% knowledgeable about.

This section also presented the chance to learn a new BIG word for little curious minds - VISCOSITY - which refers to a liquids resistance to flow. In order to give a clear example on the definition of our new word we decided to take 4 different liquid state products and race them against each other - This was a great learning experience that created a lot of laughs (Please excuse mine) along the way - (My apologies for the quality of the video. It was only after we had done this experiment that we decided to share it with you all. It was way too much fun not to.)


Thank you for stopping by today - See you again next week !!

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