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Tealight Snowman

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that I promised a tutorial last week. It has been one of those weeks where things planned took way longer than needed. Add to that universe decided that our house needed a little cooling - so while we are dealing with -4 cold outside at night with a warm up to 4 degrees during the day our heater went on the fritz. Finally, 2 days later I can feel my fingers but I think that now because I was so cold for so long and not sleeping well as result I have contracted a slight cold. It never ends - as I am sure you can relate.

Well, enough with the whining you say - get on with the tutorial already --- To that I say here is the little cutie that I am going to show you how to create for yourself...

You will be able to supply yourself with everything needed for this creative project from your local dollar store - not sure what you have where you live but we have the Dollarama around here- best little store for crafting supplies and more - it is actually dangerous when I go in there. I  ALWAYS come out with way more than what was on my list- bad girl!

For today's fun you will need the following items - 

Tealight (battery operated -although I am sure that goes without saying)
Felt in Black, Red and Green
Glue Gun (or Fabric Glue/Glue Stick - see notes below for thoughts on this)

I started out by cutting my shapes for the tealight like these...

The hat is created in two parts, out of black felt - one rectangle (2.5 x 1.5 inches) that can be folded over in half to make a square...

The other rectangle will make the trim of the hat...(1.5 x 2.5 inches)

I then cut another piece of black felt in to tiny little circles. The nice thing about this part is that they do not have to be symmetrical as they are suppose to look like rocks or pieces of coal. Please do not stress over this part just relax and cut away until you reach a size that fits your tealight.

Now you will need to cut three sizes of ribbon:

One to fit across the brim of the hat... (1-3/4 x .5 inch)

One to wrap around the tealight like a scarf... (12 inches)

One to run through the hat for hanging... (9 inches)

With the red felt I cut small circles (these are to be the decorative holly berries)...

With the green felt I cut 2 small leaf shapes for the holly leaves...

Now comes the sticky part - I have used the hot glue gun for my tealight. We tried regular white glue but it did not seem to hold any of the hat pieces together. Although it did work for the face pieces. I am not sure if fabric glue or maybe even a glue stick may have worked better. If you try that please let us know the outcome as I would love for BabyBear to able to create one of these fully herself.


First off, I started by tying the ribbon around the neck of the snowman to make a scarf...

Something else I was thinking about relating to children making this craft was using red pipe cleaners for the scarf instead of ribbon. That way even your littles will be able to take part without having to worry about tying ribbons.

I do recommend adding a dab of glue to the ribbon around the neck otherwise I find that it comes off the more that you handle it.

Next fold the black rectangle in half and crease it - then adding a very small amount of glue to the bottom inside portion and stick the 2 ends together...

To that piece I glued the small single rectangle, again with a very small amount of glue - now you have a top hat. Cute right?

To the top of the brim of the hat I glued the ribbon...

On to that I added the leaves and the red berry...

Glue and stick on his eyes and a charcoal mouth....

Now that the hat is completely dry you can hold open the loop and string through your ribbon, tying the ends together to create a hanger.

Attach the hat to your snowman...turn on the sweet carrot nose and you are set to hang your little cutie wherever you like.

Isn't he adorable?

I was thinking a whole tree full of these little guys would be a perfect way to decorate for Christmas. What do you think? I would love to see your tealight snowmen so please feel free to post pictures on my Facebook page. I love hearing from people so don't be shy.

If you find it easier to learn via video tutorials or you just want more of myself ( I know you are dying for that). Please head on over to the Facebook page known as M&MTV. We will be posting our new Youtube tutorial video there later this week,

Follow us on either of our Facebook pages and you will never miss what is coming up!

See you again soon!

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