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1,2,3 BOOM!!!


Today is a great day to have some fun with science. Continuing on with our theme of Matter we decided to create an explosion...right here in our home. I mean who doesn't love to shoot things all the way up to the ceiling? Does this sound like something you would like to do?

If you are in then you will need the following items:

Film Canister (or something small that has a pop on and off lid)
Alka-Seltzer Tablets

This lesson came up because we were talking about the gases seen in the form of bubbles when we created our Lava Lamp experiment. BabyBear loved them and I wanted to use that curiosity to build another teachable moment with her.

We talked about how the solid matter which was the tablet entered the water and created a gas in the form of bubbles and foam which then popped and released in to the air in the form of a spray that hit our faces.

Now we wanted to find out the following:

What would happen if we trapped those gas bubbles? 
Where would they go if all they had was a small space to build in ?
Would the force build up be strong enough to push the lid off the canister?

Here is how we set this up...

We filled the canister 3/4 full of water (no more otherwise it will just foam and spill over the side)

Placed it on the floor on a towel (in case there was spillage)

Dropped half of a tablet in to the water

Snapped on the lid (this needs to be fairly quick so may require an adults help)

Sat Far Back (do not sit close or look over top as you will get hurt)






The lid not only flew off but it HIT THE CEILING.

The first time it happened it scared us both so much that I jerked the camera as seen here.

Of course we had so much fun that BabyBear wanted to do it over and over again. We set this up multiple times just so we could see it as well as show it to JrBear and PapaBear too, who loved it equally as much.

All in  all it was a very exciting way to show how gas can build up enough pressure when trapped in a small space and lift things right off the ground.

Would love to see or hear about your fun with indoor explosions. Please feel free to leave a comment for us in the section below.

Til Next  Time!!

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