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Although Valentine's Day has come and gone - sharing the love does not have to go with it. We don't need a day to spread happiness and love, do we?

For today's craft we chose the word LOVE done in pink, purple and red. Although this canvas craft can be done in any color or design you like. There is no wrong way of doing this.

To create your own banner you will need the following items:

Acrylic Paints - In Any Color You Like...                  

Painters Tape - Do not use regular tape as it does not peel off as well...

Painters Canvas - I forgot to take a picture of it before we painted it - ooops! We purchased the small size that comes in a set of 3 for $3 at Dollarama - good deal for some quick fun with the littles.

Start by taping your canvas in the design you would like to have appear on it. Make sure that you take the time to push down your tape well. You don't want the edges lifting or you will end up with bleed underneath - unless that is the look you are going for of course.

Next apply the paint color of your choice all over the canvas. Making sure that it covers right up to the tape edges.

Let it dry or if you are like us and do not have the patience to wait you could use a heat gun to set the paint quicker.

Once it is dry - peel up the tape and Voila! 

A beautiful piece of art that you can use to bring warmth and cheer to any room in your house...

We did film a video of this creation but I have not had time to put it all together. As soon as it is ready (this weekend) I will come back with an edit and a link.

Thanks for stopping by - see you next time!

Stay Connected! 

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