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DIY Pom Pom Monsters

Wow this post is WAY later than I ever planned. We were hit unexpectedly with a severe cold and flu this past week. Both BabyBear and I were down for the count with fevers of 103, extreme chills - I mean, I was fully dressed and under 4 blankets freezing to death. Add to that the body aches and sore throat and you have described us to a tee. It was miserable - and we are still not at 100% but are slowly climbing up that hill to the top again.

We had these cute little Valentine crafts that we did and wanted to share with you...

SO despite being late here is one today - you can use them for next year or change up the colors and use them at anytime of the year. We figure they can go in to goody bags at parties or be done up in Easter colors for Easter giveaways OR best of all they can be strung up on a string and hung for bedroom decoration or party decor.

They are so darn cute...

Don't you agree?

For today's craft you will need...



Googly Eyes

Felt X2 (in any color you like cut in to small squares)

Holiday Straw or Pencil/Pen  and of course scissors and hot glue

You start by cutting a long piece of yarn and tying your wrapping yarn to its middle. This way you will have a Y shape...

Next you start to wrap the yarn around and around and around the fork prongs until you have the thickness you want. The more you wrap it the bigger the pom pom in the end will be.

Once you are done wrapping you will need to take that cut yarn you tied at the beginning and use its ends to tie up your wrap as tightly as possible on both sides.

Remove the wrapped yarn from the fork and begin to carefully cut the wrapped ends until they are all loose and free. Repeat on both sides.

Now you will have a messy looking ball of yarn. Trim it up to your liking and there you go - a cute little pom pom ready for creating.

Taking your glue gun - place a small strip of hot glue down 2 edges of one square piece of felt. Quickly before the glue dries place the other square of felt on top. Make sure to leave a space in the middle just big enough for a pencil or straw to fit through.

Next you will want to attach a pom pom to the top of this square of felt.

To the pom pom you will want to attach one or two of your googly eyes. We love the look of one eyed monsters but the imagination is all up to you.

There you have it your own little pom pom monster that can adorn your pencil and pen while writing - or even a straw while having your drink.


If you prefer seeing for yourself how this was done please visit our channel MNMTV for our video tutorial. We "attempted" to create a video version. Please excuse our beginner style videography as we are still trying to sort out the best way to accomplish this new venture. Any thoughts or advice in how to go about this would be greatly appreciated. For now please enjoy our efforts - laugh along with us :D

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