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Changing Any Document To A Jpeg


Have you ever downloaded or created a document that you wanted to share on social media but can't because it is not a Jpeg?  The fact is if you have unusual fonts in your design people will not be able to read it unless they carry the exact same font list as you do. 

There is a fix for this and I am going to share that in this quick tutorial with you today.

Open up your document and resize it so that the portion you want saved as a Jpeg is completely visible. Your save will only be what you can see on the screen. 

You can do this by moving this slider downwards - 

Now in the search box of your start menu type the word - SNIP - and click on the snipping tool that comes up to open it.

You will now have a new small window that looks like this open - 

Click the "Options" Tab in this new window and deselect the box that reads "Show selection ink after snips are captured" - then click OK.

Now you will need to hit "New" and then click and drag your cursor from the top left corner of your document down to the bottom right corner. Making sure you have highlighted the entire area you wish to save as a jpeg. Once you release the mouse button a new window will open with your captured document.

Click on the "File" Tab and choose "Save As". Write the name of the file in the name field. Then select "JPEG file(*JPG) from the "Save As Type" drop down menu and click "Save".

You have now saved your document in to a Jpeg that can be shared anywhere you like. 

I hope this little tutorial has helped you out today. If there are other computer tutorials you would like to have me do please list them in the comments below or on my Facebook page

I would love to hear from you.

Stay Connected! 

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