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Easter Crafting With Bunnies


Easter is almost here and we are finally having a free moment to sit down and craft together. I have been seeing these cute little yarn silhouettes of Easter eggs all over Pinterest but my most favourite ones are these adorable little bunny shapes -

Can't you just picture the sweet little cotton tail fluffing out from the back of this little guy?

For today's tutorial you will need the following supplies:

Yarn - in the colors that you like.


Exacto Knife


Frame (sorry I forgot to place this in the picture below)

Start out by drawing yourself 2 bunny templates on to some card-stock.  If you would rather you can also just print out the bunny that I drew by downloading it HERE.

Once you have your templates created you will need to you will need to use your exacto knife to cut out one of them completely, You then should have something that looks like this...

Sorry it is hard to see the pencil outline on my uncut bunny but I am sure you get the picture. Now is also a good time to measure and cut your paper to size for fitting in the picture frame you chose. I did this at the end myself so don't stress if you forget this step til then as it is still possible.

Next you will need to cut yourself between 55-60 pieces of yarn that are at least 6 inches long each...

With your yarn cut - your templates printed and ready to go; now it is time to lay down some glue and get sticky.

Place each piece of yarn starting at either the top or the bottom of the bunny. Each piece lays side by side as close together as you can get them without overlapping - it should begin to look something like this -

Repeat this process until the entire bunny shape is covered... now layer your cut stencil bunny over top of the glued yarn for a beautiful result.

It should look something like this...

This is the one BabyBear did herself - I am very impressed that she stuck through all the sticky glue and yarn mess - yes you will get sticky so be prepared for that.

Now you can fit your custom art in to your favourite frame and VOILA - you have some beautiful decor to add to your holiday festivities.

After making this craft I began thinking that attaching a white pom- pom with some tape to the glass of the frame would make these sweet little bunnies complete.

What do you think?

The frames were Dollarama frames that I spray painted with some pink paint. They are perfect for party decorations as you can change out the silhouette every time to match your theme.

This particular craft can apply all year long - you just have make a different template for each holiday. How cute would a Christmas tree with gifts underneath it be done all up in yarn? Or a pumpkin for Halloween? Clover leaf for St. Patrick's Day? The possibilities are endless.

Hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. See you next time for some more fun.

Happy Easter!

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